Cheat to Beat the Online Casino Slots

  • Jun 19, 2020

Is there a way to outsmart the system? Cheating is perhaps not the right word to describe the actions necessary to see real improvements in the money that you can win, but there are ways to manipulate the games you can play and it is all down to knowing how they are built and designed to play.

Can You ‘Cheat’ Inside Online Casinos?

Online casinos are obviously a different gaming platform to land-based casinos. The top 10 options for you can be located over here. Now, these aren’t the top 10 to cheat in, there is no list of casinos which are fallible to ‘cheating’. What these casinos are, are the top 10 regulated casinos in South Africa. And with regulated casinos, you have operators which must abide by the code of regulations which mean they have to test their games and clear them from faults. This means, you already have a platform where your chances of winning are going to be somewhat improved.

Cheating in the conventional sense cannot happen, for example, if you wanted to card count, then it may seem like an obvious thing to do because no-one is watching, when in fact, counting cards online is near impossible given they use many decks and rotate them randomly at a time. Cheating along these conventional lines just doesn’t and cannot happen.

How Games Are Built to Win

When you click here to discover the top casinos in South Africa, you will find that in each of them that there are hundreds of different slots to play and win from. The design of these slot games is based on two main algorithm programs. The first is called the Return to Player, the second, the Random Number Generator. The RTP is a percentage-based algorithm which pays out when the correct level of money has been placed into the machine by all players on the same game. The RNG is formed on random sequences but is more commonly used on the virtual card and table games.

When it comes to ‘cheating’ slots out of money, it takes a little time to play and study games. There are ways the machines give off signs that they are about to payout.

  1. Look out for repetitive bonus symbols landing.

  2. Consecutive random triggers within the game.

  3. Big wins from few spins.

If you discover a game you regularly play acting oddly favourable and you land a bonus round in fewer spins than it would normally take, then it is highly recommended to play the same games by that developer and take advantage of their bonus rounds because if two or three weirdly land bonus rounds very easily, then they all will.

How You Can Beat Casinos at Their Own Game

All new players win, no, it is not luck, it comes down to the simple case of ’clean data’. The gaming algorithms work in conjunction with the tools of the casino’s management suite. This stores data on every game you play, the money you put in, the money you win and lose etc, etc. with the two in sync, the outcome of any slot game is predetermined long beforehand.

Here are the steps you need to take from beginning to end.

  1. Register and play only the new online slots.

  2. Do not change the default setting on the wagering amount.

  3. Play until you land a ‘big win’ or a win from a bonus round.

  4. Once you land one of these wins, lower the wagering to its minimal and exit the game.

  5. Pick a newly released game and repeat.

  6. Only stop playing when your profit margin hits below 80%.

  7. Cease playing for 30 days.

  8. Log in and load the last game you played, if the wagering level has changed and defaulted back to its higher amount, continue from step 2.

  9. If the default hasn’t changed, check all other games you previously played.

  10. If no change to wagering setting, then sign to a new casino, as they should be cleaning their systems one every month.

This process of play is far from cheating but actually playing to the strength of knowing how these games are built. Try it out for yourself by hitting those links above.